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Title: Naruto: Shippuuden #11
UK publisher: Manga Ent.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shonen
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Type: TV Series
Director: Hayato Date
Year: 2007
Running Time: 5hrs 28mins
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Average Rating: 10.0

Reevothemusefan's review

Reevothemusefan scored this with 9/10. Disagree?

Last volume, I talked about how everything was being set up for two really important arcs. Well, that has certainly proved true; there is even one that has even been built up since the first season of Naruto and I’m sure that fans can't wait to see the conclusion. My worry was that the important moments might feel underwhelming or anti-climatic, but, thankfully, I can report that this box set holds some of the best episodes the Naruto franchise has to offer so far.

These arcs start and end on their separate discs. The first disc focuses on Naruto's teacher Jiraiya, who has found intelligence on the Akatsuki leader who is hiding somewhere in Amegakure. He attempts to sneak in on his own, to figure out who he is, and what he is capable of; however, the more he learns of the strange peace around this village that was always surrounded with civil war a few years ago, the closer the Akatsuki leader gets to confronting him.

When Jiraiya is spotted, we find out that the leader of the Akatsuki is Pain and alongside him is another Akatsuki member known as Konan. Jiraiya is shocked, since these two were his apprentices, and in the past, he heard that they had died in battle years ago. Now he must face his former students, knowing that both of them have grown up and are a lot stronger.

It takes a while for this arc to get going, since it needs to be a bit thorough in showing Jiraiya's backstory in the first two episodes. But when that's out of the way, it becomes a very tense and emotional bunch of episodes; the foreshadowing can be a bit too much and a certain flashback is used to death but by the end of it, you will be surprised.

The arc on the second disc really requires no introduction; it's the battle between the Uchiha brothers: Sasuke and Itachi. Even those with a basic knowledge of Naruto should already know about these two and why Sasuke wants revenge on his brother. Fans - especially the ones who haven't read the manga - have been awaiting this fight for a long time.

The fight certainly reaches a climax that I will not dare spoil but Itachi's behaviour is something to take note of. I can't see anyone being disappointed with these episodes, there might be a few cheaply animated scenes but it's done very well nonetheless.

So, all I can really say is that these arcs are easily worth the price of admission for this box set. It shows the strengths of Naruto Shippuuden and the tension is building up yet again with a big reveal at the end of the last episode.

While I like the new opening (Flow – Signs), I felt like it was too early to show it, again due to spoilers that are revealed in it, however it's animated well and it has a good J-rock song that goes along with it. The new ending (Kishidan - Omae Dattanda) also is decently animated and has a good J-rock song as well.

Extras remain the same as previous box sets: Production Art and Trailers.

In Summary

Naruto Shippuuden box set 11 has two of the best arcs so far in the franchise and with a big revelation at the end of it, fans will be very pleased.

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Review Information

Score: 9 out of 10
Review By: Reevothemusefan
Date Published: Wed, 2 Jan 2013
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