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Kiki's Delivery Service [Movie]

Kiki's Delivery Service is yet another title from the now legendary Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. It is a tale of a young witch named Kiki who has to follow the tradition of leaving home and starting her own life in order to become a fully fledged witch....

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New Manga Releases - 23/06/2015 Tue, 23 Jun 2015
Dark Horse manga titles released on ComiXology Mon, 22 Jun 2015

Digital comic book website ComiXology has now released titles from Dark Horse, including their manga titles. These new digital manga feature works from Osamu Tezuka, Shirow Masamune and CLAMP.

Amongst the titles now available to buy and download legally include Appleseed, Astro Boy, Blade of the Immortal, Blood+, Chobits, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Lone Wolf and Cub, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Rising Project, Oh My Goddess!, Old Boy, Path of the Assassin and Samurai Executioner. There Korean manhwa Bride of the Water God is also available.

Will you be buying any of their titles?

New Anime Releases - 21/06/2015 Sun, 21 Jun 2015
New DMP Osamu Tezuka Kickstarter project - Storm Fairy Tue, 16 Jun 2015

Digital Manga Publishing's latest step in their plan to crowdfund the manga of Osamu Tezuka is to bring out his shojo series Storm Fairy.

Seeking a target of $14,200 by 16th July, Storm Fairy is a collection of three tales: the first of which is a fairy story about an Empress who enters a deal with a fairy, the price of which is that the Empress must give up the face of her next born child. The second story, "Kokeshi Detective Agency" follows a character called Paco who solves mysteries with her canine companion Waco. The third story, a fairy named Pink who can morph into anything she wants tries to make people happy, while the evil King Brown and Sepia try to make people miserable.

The project has two stretch goals. One is to restock Unico, which DMP had previous released via an earlier Kickstarter project. The other is to release a print version of Tezuka's adaptation of Crime and Punishment.


Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter, Internet Rejoices Tue, 16 Jun 2015

A Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 has been launched to bring to life the dreams of millions of gamers.


The goal for the game is $2 million and it reached $1 million in just a few hours, the fastest game to achieve that feat!


Shenmue 3 was announced during Sony’s E3 conference which saw other notable titles like Final Fantasy VII remake and The Last Guardian. At the time of writing it is around 67% funded having reached $1,458,981 with 17,205 people backing it. With 31 days to go it is expected that the game will smash its target due to the fierce loyalty of fans who have waited 14 years for a sequel to the classic Dreamcast game Shenmue II and the continuation of Ryo Hazuki’s epic journey from Japan to China.

Yu Suzuki, creative genius behind Shenmue has this message on the Kickstarter page:

Since the release of Shenmue 2, now 14 years ago, I have been greeted by the passionate outpouring of dedicated fans and Shenmue community members wherever I go. They all want to know one thing: “When will Shenmue 3 be coming out?” With the advent of games using Kickstarter during these past few years, the new and now frequent demand from the fans has been, “Do a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3!” 

If Shenmue 3 was going to get made, I wanted to make it with the fans. Through Kickstarter, I knew that could happen. Together, with Shenmue fans everywhere, I knew we could build the game that the series deserves.

If we do not reach our funding goal, Shenmue 3 will not go forward. I know that the goal of making Shenmue 3 with the fans, and seeing Shenmue in the hands of gamers all around the world is a lofty one. We are balancing our ambitions for a grand sequel with the pragmatic realities of developing a game of this scale. It will not be easy, but I have dreamed of making this sequel for 14 years – it is time to bring Shenmue back! And to make it come true, it will need the love and support from each and every one of you!

So please join us in making Shenmue 3 – let us grow our community and build a new, exciting Shenmue experience.

The game will be released for the PS4 and PC and there is the launch date of December 2017. You can back the Kickstarter here.


New Manga Releases - 16/06/2015 Tue, 16 Jun 2015
Win Nadia: Secret Of The Blue Water! Mon, 15 Jun 2015

The classic anime series from Hideaki Anno (Evangelion) now available in HD for the first time! The World's Fair, Paris, 1889: a young inventor crosses paths with an enigmatic girl and her pet lion. Suddenly they find themselves pursued by villainous trio intent upon stealing the magical Blue Water. Thus begins an epic adventure inspired by Jules Verne's masterpiece 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Join Nadia and Jean as they travel the high seas in search of Nadia's homeland and her past, their only clue the mysterious jewel Nadia wears. Can they unravel the Secret of the Blue Water before it is too late? Discover Nadia, Secret of Blue Water, the animated series beloved by millions, and find out for yourself.

To support the release of Nadia: Secret Of The Blue Water, coming to Blu-ray on Monday 22nd of June, we are pleased to say we have a copy to give away to one lucky fan!

Check our competitions page to enter!
Past Reviews of New Collections: 14/06/2015 Sun, 14 Jun 2015

This week a new collection of the second series of K-On! has been released. These collections have been reviewed on Anime UK News previously, so here are the links below.

K-On!: Season 2 Part 1

K-On!: Season 2 Part 2

New Anime Releases - 14/06/2015 Sun, 14 Jun 2015
Win Tickets to See J-pop Boyband GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE Thu, 11 Jun 2015

Earlier today the website Japan Underground launched a competition giving people the chance to see the J-pop boy band Generations from Exile Tribe in London this Saturday. Here are the details:

London has had plenty of J-pop acts grace stages across the city throughout the years, from all girl-trio Perfume, to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but when it comes to all male pop talent, things have been rather lacking.

All that’s about to change with GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, the seven-strong Japanese boy band set to hit London’s O2 Academy Islington this Saturday (15 June 2015). The group is related to EXILE TRIBE, a supergroup of talent who collectively had the 9th best-selling single of 2014 in Japan with The Revolution, and the 8th biggest selling album of the year.

JPU Records is proud to give you a chance to win tickets for you and a friend to see GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE live in London, simply take a screen shot of you sharing this story on social media, along with the full name of you and your friend, and email with the Subject Title “GENERATIONS Competition”

We’ll pick winners at 9am on Friday 12 June, so better hurry!

Here’s the latest music video from the group:


New Manga Releases - 08/06/2015 Mon, 8 Jun 2015
Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 2015 Programme Sneak Peek Mon, 8 Jun 2015

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival

The organisers behind the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival have announced some of their programme for this year's festival and the selections include some of the latest anime movies to grace the big screen and two classics. The films that have been programmed are A Letter to Momo, Short Peace, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, Perfect Blue and Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise.

The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival will run at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, South Wales on September 26th and at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre on October 10th.

Steins;Gate Visual Novel Receives Strong UK Debut Mon, 8 Jun 2015


Last Frday, the video game publisher pQube gave visual novel fans in Europe the chance to experience one of the most critically acclaimed stories in the genre with their PlayStation 3 and Vita release of 5pb. and Nitroplus' Steins;Gate. Four years may have passed since White Fox's television anime adaptation drew international audiences to the gripping science fiction story, but the love for the Future Gadget Laboratory has endured.

This morning, the UK Interactive Entertainment Association (UKIE) published their Top 40 entertainment software chart for the week ending 6th June 2015, which taking into account the niche audience of visual novels, has shown a strong debut for the cult game, which features a universally acclaimed scenario by Naotaka Hayashi (Bravely DefaultRobotic;Notes).

In the All-Format Chart, which combines the different console versions of a title into a single entry, Steins;Gate made a comfortable debut at #18 - with the game being the highest selling PlayStation Vita game that week, as well as the third highest selling PlayStation 3 title, behind only FIFA 15 and Grand Theft Auto V.

Manga Entertainment UK previously released White Fox's anime adaptation on DVD and blu-ray in 2013, before making the series available on the Netflix streaming service.


New Anime Releases - 07/06/2015 Sun, 7 Jun 2015
AnimeEigo's Otaku no Video Kickstarter Succeeds, Riding Bean Promised Wed, 3 Jun 2015

Last week, AUKN’s Ian Wolf reported that American anime distributor AnimEigo had launched a Kickstarter campaign for a release of Otaku no Video and today, AnimeEigo has seen its Kickstarter for Otaku no Video achieve its goal with 22 days to go!

The AnimeEigo campaign to release Otaku no Video reached its goal of $40,000 in 13.5 hours of its launch. With the success of the campaign the Cover Up(grade) stretch goal has been changed from 1982 backers to 999 backers and the four-page Mini Manga stretch goal from 3967 to 1982 backers while more stretch goals are promised.

Following this success AnimeEigo has also announced they would launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a "High Octane Edition" of Riding Bean later this Summer. AUKN forumites may be familiar with Riding Bean because it was aired a number of times by the Sci-Fi channel back when it was once a source of anime.

 Here’s the story:

Underworld deliveryman-for-hire Bean Bandit and his sidekick Rally Vincent are given the task of rescuing a girl from kidnappers and transporting her to safety in Bean’s notorious car the Road Buster. Unfortunately Bean and Vincent have been double-crossed by their would-be clients so run the risk of not only losing the cash but falling foul of the highway police and the kidnappers themselves.

Here’s a review of a release put out by MVM films from 2006.


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