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Considered by many to be Hayao Miyazaki's life work, "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind" is a fantastic film. Mixing up his now famous themes of crimes against nature with a bleak post-apocalyptic setting, the viewer is taken on a grand tour of...

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Anime Limited Pushes Kill la Kill Blu-Ray Back To 1st December Tue, 28 Oct 2014

At last weekend's MCM London Comic Con, advance copies of the first DVD and blu-ray volume of Studio Trigger's Kill la Kill were sold at the stand of the series' UK distributor, Anime Limited. Since the event though, forum member Mangaranga noticed a very slight delay with episode 4's English dub track.

After confirming the error, the distributator has announced that the blu-ray release of the volume has been pushed back to 1st December. The DVD version however, is unaffected and is still on course for a 3rd November release.


27/10/2014: New Manga Releases This Week Mon, 27 Oct 2014

New manga releases this week:

Alice in the Country of Joker:

Circus and Liar's Game 6

(192 pgs) (Seven Seas) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £7.92

Attack on Titan: No Regrets 2

(208 pgs) (Kodansha) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £5.59

Barakamon 1

(224 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £10.99

Buy from Amazon for £10.68

Black Butler 18

(176 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £7.99

Bloody Brat 2

(176 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £9.99

Buy from Amazon for £9.99

A Bride's Story 6

(208 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £12.99

Buy from Amazon for £12.99

Fairy Tail 43

(208 pgs) (Kodansha) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £7.99

The Garden of Words

(220 pgs) (Vertical) RRP: £9.99

Buy from Amazon for £9.06

Inu x Boku SS 5

(176 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £7.26

Judge 5

(224 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £7.79

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days 4

(208 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £7.99

Buy from Amazon for £7.41

The Melancholy of

Suzumiya Haruhi-Chan 8

(160 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £9.99

Buy from Amazon for £9.23

The Celebration of

Haruhi Suzumiya

(528 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £16.99

Buy from Amazon for £15.90

No Matter How I Look At It, It's

You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular 5

(144 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £8.99

Buy from Amazon for £8.08

Oninagi 4

(176 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £10.99

Buy from Amazon for £9.74

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

The Different Story 3

(144 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £8.99

Buy from Amazon for £8.99

Ubel Blatt 0

(400 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £13.99

Buy from Amazon for £13.16


Alliance of the Golden Witch 2

(544 pgs) (Yen Press) RRP: £13.99

Buy from Amazon for £13.48


Kickstarter project for new short film by veteran Keiichiro Kimura Mon, 27 Oct 2014

Veteran animation director Keiichiro Kimura has launched a Kickstarter project in order to create a new five-minute short anime movie.

Kimura, 76, describes Go! Samurai as: "a sketch animation (Sobyo-doga) where each and every frame will be hand-drawn in pencil by the legendary animator. It will consist of approximately 2000 frame works focused on a single samurai that fights for his life against 100 of his vicious enemies. It will be around 5 minutes duration (or longer depending on budget)."

At the time of writing this article, Go! Samurai has reached nearly $7,000 of its $10,000 target with 24 days to go. 

Amongst his work, Kimura has work on many anime considered classics. These include the first magical girl series Sally the Witch, the original version of sci-fi series Cyborg 009, crime caper Lupin the Third and wrestling series Tiger Mask.


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Guests at East Winds Film Festival 2014 Mon, 27 Oct 2014

The East Winds Film Festival takes place at the end of this month in Coventry and AUKN was able to give you a run-down of the films that will be screened. We now have more information about the guests who will arrive to mingle with the crowds. Here’s the press release:




International film stars from across East Asia will be walking the red carpet in Coventry at one of the most prestigious events in the Midlands, the East Winds Film Festival.

Director Sophon Sakdaphisit arrives on British land to introduce his 2011 film "Laddaland", an apparent real life story of an actual condo development rumoured to be haunted, and his most recent horror "The Swimmers", a story of alienation and teen romance that is every bit as horrifying as the ghostly premise suggests. An expert in scares and slow burn chills, viewers may know him for being responsible for some of Thailand's best and most profitable horror films in recent years. Sakdaphisit demonstrates mastery over the real potency of the horror genre by integrating social commentary into his films, with the ghouls, ghosts and monsters all embodying local issues.

A notable presence on the South Korean film scene, Kim Kko-bbi will be present at East Winds for the European Premiere of "A Record of Sweet Murder", a 2014 production from one of Japan's leading directors in underground horror, Koji Shiraishi, and "Greatful Dead" from Eiji Uchida. Kim made her breakthrough portraying a spunky high school girl with an abusive past who bonds with a neighbourhood thug in the 2009 gritty drama "Breathless", in which she starred opposite actor-director Yang Ik-june.

Renowned film director, producer and screenwriter Clifton Ko Chi-sum arrives in Coventry for the European Premiere of his touching drama "Wonder Mama", a story about a 49-year old lady librarian on the verge of retirement who can never get the ordinary, drama-free life she desires. Many of Clifton's films have become household names, such as the 1992 "All's Well, Ends Well", which broke Hong Kong box office records and was named the highest-grossing film ever made at that time


An adept filmmaker in the teen romance market with a string of hits such as "My Girl" and "Seasons Change", writer-director Nithiwat Tharatorn will be introducing this year's Closing Film, "The Teacher's Diary", his best looking and smoothest feel-good movie to date and Thailand's official entry to the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.


All guests will be introducing their films, taking part in exclusive Q&A sessions and mingling with audiences in an informal environment at the fourth edition of the East Winds Film Festival between 31st October and 2nd November in the state-of-the-art digital 3D Cinema Square One.

New Anime Releases 27/10/2014 Sun, 26 Oct 2014
Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Competition Fri, 24 Oct 2014

To celebrate the release of Street Fighter: Assasin's Fist on DVD & Blu-Ray on Monday 27th October we have a Blu-Ray copy to give away, plus 2 randomly selected Manga UK DVD and/or Blu-Ray titles!

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist tells the origin story of Street Fighter's most famous duo, Ryu and Ken. Learning the way of the warrior at the secluded dojo of martial arts master Gouken, the pair are the last practitioners of an ancient fighting style known as Ansatsuken - 'The Assassin’s Fist'. But the Ansatsuken style hides a dark and tragic secret; a legacy that is about to catch up with Ryu and Ken.

Fists fly and kicks rain down in this thrilling and faithful evocation of the Street Fighter universe, created by true devotees of Capcom's classic fighting game series. Action movie fans will love the scintillating fight scenes, jaw-dropping martial arts and compelling storyline; lifelong Street Fighter players will also adore how true Assassin's Fist stays to the videogame's lore.

Available to order from Amazon UK today

Check out our Competitions page for how to enter!

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22/10/2014: New Manga Releases This Week Tue, 21 Oct 2014
East Winds Film Festival 2014 Preview Mon, 20 Oct 2014

The East Winds Film Festival which takes place in Coventry is one of the biggest showcases for East Asian films outside of London. From October 31st to November 02nd, audiences will have the chance to experience a great line-up of films from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan.

Here are the films which will be shown. Click on the films to get taken to the festival page for more information:

Friday, October 31st

7PM Partners in Crime

Three teenage boys come across the body of a classmate who has just committed suicide. Although they never really knew her, the circumstances of her suicide strike them as suspicious and so they investigate her death which leads to dark secrets…

9PM Greatful Dead

The story follows Nami, a young woman with a dysfunctional childhood who is a peeping tom who spies on old men who have gone crazy from loneliness. One particular old man provides great entertainment for her Nami. When some Christian missionaries promise to bring him happiness, Nami takes drastic steps… This black-comedy will be getting a UK release courtesy of Third Window Films later this year.


Saturday, November 01st

1PM Lust of Angels

This film has been feature on Anime UK News when we recently brought information of the New Directors from Japan DVD that Third Window Films held a Kickstarter campaign for. The DVD will soon be released, and this is a great opportunity for people to view the action on the big screen. The story starts when Saori, a schoolgirl, is molested on the notorious “molester train” of the Hanagawa line and rescued by another school girl who witnesses the act. The girl is a transfer student named Yuriko and dark rumours swirl around her. As Saori begins to orbit Yuriko, shocking events happen…

2PM Laddaland,

This looks to be a cross between Ju-On and Amityville and is supposedly based on the real story. It starts when a father takes his family to a luxurious residential development called Laddaland. When a Burmese maid dies, a ghost shows up and dark secrets are revealed.

4PM Z Storm

Z Storm is a crime thriller about an anti-corruption investigator who sees what should have been an airtight case against a cop and a money laundering accountant fail spectacularly. It turns out that they are the minions of a wealthy financial tycoon and that the corruption is bigger than he expected.

7PM The Swimmers

This is a school-based horror which starts with a love-triangle between two members of the swim team and a girl and it ends in death. When the girl is found at the bottom of the school pool it turns out that she is pregnant. One of the boys has a guilty conscience and the other is angry and desperate to find out why she committed suicide.

9PM A Record of Sweet Murder

In this Japanese/South Korean co-production a reporter named Kim So-yeon is contacted by a childhood friend named Park Sang-joon. He has recently escaped a mental hospital where he was locked up for murdering eighteen people. At the risk of possible harm, she takes him up on the offer of getting an exclusive story behind the killing spree. When she find him he explains to her that he has been hearing the voice of God and has been promised a “miracle” if he kills twenty-five people. Kim So-yeon soon finds herself caught up in his madness since he is a few shy of his final target...


Sunday, November 02nd

1:30PM Live @ Love

After a lot of horror films, the third day is more light-hearted beginning with this Taiwanese crime comedy about an experienced detective and her inexperienced but handsome assistant investigating a murder.

4PM Bugs 3D

Giant bugs in 3D! This Chinese film takes inspiration from Hollywood B-movie pictures from the 60s and 70s. It all starts with scientists create bugs that provide high-quality protein at a low-cost. They are also deadly killers and so it should come as no surprise that they escape and start hunting humans. As is usually the case, some silly holiday makers decide to investigate…

6PM Wonder Mama

Ah-Oi is a 49-year-old librarian who lives with her parents and 30-year-old unemployed son. Her husband is missing but life isn’t too tough and she is looking forward to retiring. Then she learns her teenage maid has been impregnated by her 70-year old father. With her parents' set to divorce at on old age and her home life falling apart, Ah-Oi finds her peace shattered.

8PM The Teacher's Diary

This comedy-drama has been selected as Thailand’s official entry into the Oscars' foreign-language division and follows the intertwining stories of two lonely teachers posted to the same rural school a year apart from each other. When Sukrit "Bie" Wisetkaew is given work at a remote floating schoolhouse out in the middle of nowhere, he finds an illustrated diary left by his predecessor, the headstrong and opinionated Ann and, as he reads it, he slowly falls in love with her and begins to add entries of his own. When he leaves, Ann returns and finds that her battered diary has been expanded upon. Even though the two have never met, a bond is formed.

The full schedule and tickets are now available at

First Details of latest Tezuka crowdfunding project from DMP Sun, 19 Oct 2014

Digital Manga Publishing has announced the first details of the latest of the projects to crowdfund the works of Osamu Tezuka.

Writing on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, the DMP accounts said: 

- Project Code BBK = Big Bang Kickstarter! Prep ya funds & be ready! It's a BIG one, ya won't be prepared enough.

- 3 goals total 2 are stretch goals. 50+ possible rewards (includes limited edition goods) w/ 20+ tiers to pick from

- Kickstarter is for 6 Tezuka Series = Grand total of 31 vols.
Initial Goal: Publishing 3-Eyed One + Rainbow Parakeet.
1st Stretch Goal: Publishing Wonder 3 + Alabaster
2nd Stretch Goal: TBA on DMP Twitter on Oct. 19 @10am PST [Pacific Standard Time – 18.00 BST]

This will be latest in a string of successful Kickstarter campaigns to release the works of the "Godfather of Manga" into English. Previously DMP have crowdfunded the release of Swallowing the Earth, Barbara, Unico, Atomcat, Triton of the Sea and Captain Ken.

Source: Facebook and Twitter

New Anime Releases 20/10/2014 Sun, 19 Oct 2014
Dreamworks Approach Scarlett Johansson For Ghost In The Shell Fri, 17 Oct 2014

Earlier this year, it was reported that Dreamworks were eyeing The Wolf of Wall Street's Margot Robbie for the possible lead role in their upcoming live-action adaptation of Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell manga. However, according to Deadline, those talks didn't end as positively as DreamWorks had hoped. So instead, apparently DreamWorks have shifted their attention to one of the biggest women in cinema at the moment.

Ever since she appeared in Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2 as the super spy Natasha "Black Widow" Romanoff, Scarlett Johansson has become a househould name and apparently, DreamWorks are looking for her to appear as the movie's lead character, who is most likely their version of Major Motoko Kusanagi, as they have offered her the role for $10 Million. 

What do you think of the idea of Scarlett Johansson as The Major?

DreamWork's Ghost in the Shell is currently set to be directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman), with a script written by William Wheeler (The HoaxThe Reluctant Fundamentalist).

MVM's The Garden of Sinners Release Date Pushed Back Wed, 15 Oct 2014

On 27th October, MVM Entertainment were set to release a complete DVD collection of The Garden of Sinners, a series of eight movies based on a series of light novels by Kinoku Nasu (Fate/stay night). Today however, the distributor took to Twitter to announce that as a result of the release's rigid artbox taking longer to print than expected, the release date has been pushed back to 24th November.

MVM's release of ufotable's acclaimed film series is set to include all eight films in the aforementioned rigid art box, as well as a 36 page colour booklet and 14 postcards.

MVM describes the series as the following:

After spending two years in a coma due to a traffic accident, Shiki Ryougi awakens with amnesia. In turn, however, she finds that she has also obtained the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception," with which she can see the invisible lines of mortality that hold every living and non-living thing together. Working for a small independent agency, Shiki attempts to unravel the baffling mystery behind a series of abnormal, horrifying incidents, but do they foreshadow something even more tragic and ominous?

Things are not what they appear to be on the surface, but what dark revelations lie underneath? Shiki must tackle supernatural incidents with her special abilities while searching for a reason to live.


13/10/2014: New Manga Releases This Week Mon, 13 Oct 2014
Live Action Black Butler UK Release Update Mon, 13 Oct 2014

Last week saw Anime UK News receive official confirmation that Black Butler is getting a release in cinemas across the UK on October 17th and today sees another update on the locations. The film will play at a variety of cinemas in the UK and locations screening the film include:

Cineworld Enfield, Crawley, Sheffield, West India Quay, Glasgow RS, Cardiff, Stevenage, Bolton - more tbc.

Here are the times the film will be screened:

Cineworld Bolton
20:20 (17th - 23rd)

Cineworld Cardiff
17:30 (Fri 17th - Tue 21st)
20:50 (Wed 22nd & Thu 23rd)

Cineworld Crawley
20:10 (17th - 22nd)
20:15 (23rd)

Cineworld Glasgow (Renfrew Street)
21:45 (17th - 21st)
18:30 (22nd & 23rd)

Cineworld Sheffield
11:30 14:25 17:15 20:05 23:00 (17th & 18th)
11:30 14:25 17:15 20:05 (19th, 20th & 21st)
11:30 21:00 (22nd & 23rd)

Cineworld Stevenage
21:35 (17th - 23rd)

These locations tally up with the ones that eagle-eyed AUKN forumite NormanicGrav posted in the discussion thread, Another observant forumite, GolGotha, also revealed that AMC Cinema in Manchester will also screen the film.

Also released today was the official UK poster:
















A UK trailer was revealed last week as well as more details on the production and the film's story. Here is the original post:


The year is 2020 and the action happens in an Asian city where Eastern and Western cultures mix. A young woman named Shiori (Ayame Gouriki) is the orphaned head of the Genpo noble family, owners of a massive toy manufacturing enterprise. Since only males can take over the reins of power in the Genpo family, she must pass herself off as a man and so she wears male clothes and takes on the name Kiyoharu Genpo. On top of running the company, she also functions as a secret watchdog for the Queen, a service that her family has provided for generations.

Shiori is assigned the task of investigating the disappearance of young women and an ongoing serial murder case in which the mummified bodies of various dignitaries are discovered. The only clue left at the crime scenes is a strange tarot card. On the card is a “black invitation” that leads to a deadly world and it may be connected to the deaths of Shiori’s parents. When Shiori receives such an invitation and she finds herself put in peril she summons a demonic butler from hell named Sebastian (Hiro Mizushima). He is an incredibly deadly and beautiful supernatural servant who possesses many skills and traits such as impeccable manners, grace, knowledge, martial arts, and good looks. He will watch over her as they play out their master/servant relationship in the hunt for who sent out the invitations.

As payment for serving Shiori, Sebastian will receive his master’s soul. For Shiori, this is her chance to achieve revenge for the murder of her parents. Who is really behind the serial mummification deaths? Will Shiori finally find out who killed her parents?

The film is based upon the manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso and is directed by Kentaro Otani of the NANA series, and Keiichi Sato of Asura (2012). It has been given a 15 certificate and will be the Japanese language version with English subtitles.

The film is based upon the manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso and released in the west by Yen Press. The manga has been massively popular and spawned three TV anime, two of which are available in the UK via Manga Entertainment. There are some changes to the original story but it looks like the live action movie stays close to the source. The manga was set in Victorian England while the live action movie version is set 130 years in the future. The main character of the manga, Ciel Phantomhive, has been replaced in the movie by a new one named Shiori who is played by Ayame Gouriki (Akemi Ninomiya in the hilarious drama series Watashi no Kirai na Tantei). The role of the demonic butler, Sebastian Michaelis, is played by Hiro Mizushima (Ryusuke in BECK).

New Anime Releases 13/10/2014 Sun, 12 Oct 2014

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Romantic comedies seem like the simplest concept to write, because we all want to laugh and experience love in some capacity. But it’s also the easiest to get wrong. There.. Read more (0 comments)
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The Levamme Empire and the Amatsukami Imperium are at war. But on the island of San Maltilia a glittering reception is being held to celebrate the engagement of young Lady Juana.. Read more (0 comments)

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