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Trigun #1 [TV Series]

Trigun is another anime series tearing it's way into the UK saddled with a reputation of being a "must see" show. Catching glimpses of the stylish art direction and distinctive character designs will spark an interest any self respecting action...

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From Up on Poppy Hill to get UK TV premiere Wed, 23 Apr 2014

Studio Ghibli film From Up on Poppy Hill will receive its UK television premiere on Film4 at 17.20 on Sunday 4th May.

The movie, directed by Goro Miyazaki, will be broadcast in the original Japanese with subtitles. It is Miyazaki's second time as director following his 2006 film Tales from Earthsea.


It's 1963 and Japan is in the midst of swift modernisation, leaving behind the Second World War's painful memories and focusing on a brighter future, symbolised by the coming year's Tokyo Olympics. In the city of Yokohama, one of the victims of the rush to the new is an old school clubhouse; it's currently a gathering place for the school's slovenly older boys, but its age and shabby appearance have condemned it to be torn down. However, 16-year-old Umi, whose father was killed in the Korean War and whose mother is now living in the United States, is determined to save the historic structure and mounts a campaign to restore it. While doing so, she meets and is mutually attracted to Shun, a student journalist. But something from the teenagers' muddled past histories will surface to threaten their nascent relationship.

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Dark Horse licenses Oreimo: Kuroneko and Satoshi Kon manga in 2015 and more Sun, 20 Apr 2014

Yen Press have just held their panel at Sakura Con in the United States, where they dropped the bombshell that the A Certain Magical Index light novels will finally be published in English. Yen Press aren't the only English manga publisher though and Dark Horse have just concluded their panel with some new announcements of their own.

The three volume Ore no Kouhai ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Oreimo spin-off manga by Sakura Ikeda has been licensed and will be released under the title Oreimo: Kuroneko starting on 15th April 2015. Dark Horse are currently publishing the Oreimo manga adaptation.

The distributor will also be releasing a single omnibus edition of the supernatural series Legal Drug on 10th September, following Tokyopop's individual releases in 2004 and 2005. The first volume of the sequel Drug & Drop will then be released on 7th January 2015. William Flanagan (Fairy Tail, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kodansha's Sailor Moon) will be in charge of translating the new series.

OPUS, the two volume 1995-6 manga series by the late Satoshi Kon will be released in a single combined volume on 26th November 2014. Satoshi Kon also illustrated Mamoru Oshii's one volume Seraphim: 266613336WINGS manga which will be released in English for the first time on 18th February 2015.

Lastly, Dark Horse finished up by confirming that series' by manga group CLAMP will now be released digitally, starting with Clover next month on 21st May, followed by Cardcaptor Sakura on 4th June and Chobits on 18th June.


Yen Press launches "Yen On" imprint with "A Certain Magical Index" novels Sat, 19 Apr 2014

The light novel business may be thriving in Japan, but outside of their home country things have been less than positive. Numerous times, publishers have tried to tap into the market overseas but to little success. Recently however, Yen Press surprised fans by announcing that they will be releasing the original light novels of Sword Art Online and Accel World, with the former due out at the end of the month. These licenses were initially thought to be testing the waters, but now it seems that Yen Press is jumping into the pool.

At Sakura-Con 2014 in America, the publisher revealed a new imprint - Yen On, exclusively for novels. Titles in this imprint begin to be released from this autumn and there is already quite the impressive line-up announced:

  • A Certain Magical Index by Kazuma Kamachi (with art by Kiyotaka Haimura) will have its first volume released this winter.
  • Another by Yukito Ayatsuji. Previously released as a digital title, this novel will be released in a hardcover omnibus addition in October.
  • Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon by Fujino Omori will be released this winter.

The biggest license upon the list is undoubtedly A Certain Magical Index, which has amassed a whopping 25 volumes since the first novel was published in Japan ten years ago. Since then, two television anime series' based on the property have been released (although they have yet to be released in the United Kingdom), as well as a spin-off manga A Certain Scientific Railgun.

They also announced some other acquisitions:

  • King of Eden by Takashi Nagasaki (Story) and SangCheol Lee (Art). Starting on 1st May, chapters will be published worldwide.
  • PandoraHearts ~Odds and Ends~ art book by Jun Mochizuki is due out in November.
  • GOU-DERE SORA NAGIHARA by Suu Minazuki is scheduled for November.
  • LOVE AT FOURTEEN by Fuka Mizutani is a third title slated for November.
  • THE ANGEL OF ELHAMBURG by Aki will be released in...Spring 2015 (Ha, thought I was gonna say November?)


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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU returning for a second season Sat, 19 Apr 2014

Brain Base's anime adaptation of Wataru Watari's slice of life series My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU was quite a surprise hit when it aired in Japan last Spring. So it's no surprise that a poster for Shogakukan's Gagaga Bunko imprint (of which the series belongs to) has revealed that a second anime season has received the green-light!

The series follows three students who are a part of their schools "Service Club" and its three members, the pessimistic and pragmatic protagonist Hachiman Hikigaya, the wealthy "ice cold beauty" Yukino Yukinoshita and the bubbly and outgoing Yui Yuigahama as they try and solve any problems faced by members of the student body, which can be anything from reviewing a light novel manuscript to friendship group disputes.

The now defunct Anime On Demand simulcast the first series as it aired. The first series has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks and in Australia by Madman Entertainment, but a release for the United Kingdom has yet to be confirmed.



Lupin IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone trailer released, story outlined Fri, 18 Apr 2014

In 2011, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine became the first new television anime project based on Monkey Punch's original manga in 27 years and recently, it was announced that the origin story will be receiving a Takeshi Koike (Redline) directed spin-off with Lupin IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone, a 51-minute feature that will be receive a limited screening in Tokyo in June.

Today, the first trailer and story details were officially released, confirming that the Yuuya Takahashi (Tiger & Bunny) helmed story will centre on Arséne Lupin III and his partner-in-crime Daisuke Jigen infiltrating East Doroa to obtain a treasure known as the Little Comet. During their getaway however, Jigen is targetted by the assassin Yael Okuzaki, who is known to prepare the gravestones for every target he intends to kill - gravestones that he always manages to fill.

The trailer can be viewed below:

Manga Entertainment UK released Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom.


No Matter How I Look At It, This License Announcement Is Popular Thu, 17 Apr 2014

UPDATE: MVM have also confirmed that they will be releasing Kamisama Kiss in the United Kingdom on DVD.

Last Summer, TV Tokyo aired the Silver Link animated TV anime adaptation of Nico Tanigawa's comedy manga No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular (more popularly known as Watamote). The series follows fifteen year old Tomoko Kuroki, who has a grim outlook on life and a sometimes deranged desire to be popular through her various attempts at trying to increase her popularity.

The twelve episode anime was simulcast by Crunchyroll as it aired before being licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks and now, a UK distributor has stepped up to give Tomoko some of the attention she craves so much.

Although a release date or format could not be confirmed at this time, distributor MVM Films have confirmed that they have licensed the series for release in the United Kingdom.

Yen Press are currently releasing the original manga in English speaking territories.

"When Marnie Was There" Leads Announced Wed, 16 Apr 2014

A while back, the critically acclaimed, Academy Award winning animation studio Studio Ghibli announced that they will be releasing an animated movie based on Joan G. Robinson's novel When Marnie Was There, which will be directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Arrietty) and is currently scheduled to be released in Japan this summer.

Today, the two leads roles were revealed with two newcomers to animation making their debuts - with Sara Takatsuki (Daily Lives of High School Boys live-action movie) taking on the role of Anna, with Kasumi Arimura voicing the titular Marnie.

The North American singer and songwriter Priscilla Ahn has also been announced as performing the movie's main theme "Fine On The Outside", which marks the first time Studio Ghibli has featured a theme where the only spoken language is English as the main theme of one of their features.



14/04/2014: New Manga Releases This Week Mon, 14 Apr 2014
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Anime Weekend at BFI to feature Patema Inverted and more! Tue, 8 Apr 2014

Every two years, the British Film Institute hosts the Anime Weekend, where they show off some of the best Japanese animated movies over the course of a long weekend, so it comes as no surprise that they will be returning again between 16th-18th May to give UK anime fans the opportunity to see a total of seven movies (and three UK premieres) - ranging from superheroes, giant robots and even pirates! The full line-up is:

  • Patema Inverted (16th May 2014, 6:30pm)
  • Ghost in the Shell ARISE: Part 1: Ghost Pain and Part 2: Ghost Whispers (16th May, 8:50pm)
  • Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo (17th May, 8:45pm)
  • Garden of Words (18th May, 1pm)
  • Tiger & Bunny: The Rising (18th May, 3:10pm)
  • One Piece: Strong World (18th May, 6:10pm)
  • Blue Exorcist: The Movie (18th May, 8:45pm)

Tickets for each film are on sale and available separately. If you want to not let this chance to see these films on the big screen go away, then head on over to the BFI website.

For those of you who wish to see Patema Inverted but can't make it to London, there are a number of screenings occuring at Arts Picture House cinemas the following day, although they are a part of the "Kid's Club" that won't admit someone over the age of 18 without a minor (although Anime Limited have confirmed that they are persuing the possibility of adult screenings). If you're interested in looking for local screenings, you can take a look at Anime Limited's website.

Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing Blue Exorcist: The Movie on DVD and Blu-Ray on 26th May, One Piece: Strong World on DVD and Blu-Ray on 30th June, while they have scheduled Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo and Ghost in the Shell ARISE for currently unconfirmed dates. Anime Limited recently released Garden of Words on DVD and Blu-ray and are planning to release Patema Inverted and Tiger & Bunny: The Rising later on this year.

07/04/2014: New Manga Releases This Week Mon, 7 Apr 2014
Anime Limited to Re-Author Durarara discs; delays DVD release Mon, 7 Apr 2014

Last month, Anime Limited released the complete season of Brain Base's 2010 anime adaptation of Ryohgo Narita's Durarara!! supernatural light-novel series on blu-ray, making the series available for the first time in the United Kingdom on the high definition format and with an English dub. Since release though, some reviewers and consumers have noticed that the release has a couple of errors, such as the lack of a signs track and occasional subtitle dropping.

Anime Limited have released a statement on the issue, indicating that the source of the error was on the end of Siren Visual in Australia and companies aren't happy with the issue. In response, Anime Limited will be re-authoring the series on blu-ray and will be offering a replacement program for people who have already purchased the release. The upcoming DVD release of the series has also be been delayed until a currently undetermined date, to allow these fixes to be present on that release.

New Anime Releases 06/04/2014 Sun, 6 Apr 2014

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